About us

Eulonga Quarries is a newly established, family owned and operated sand and rock quarry situated at Coolac NSW, just off the Hume Hwy. It is part of the Eulonga group which has recently diversified into sand and rock quarrying whilst continuing it’s pastoral and animal production enterprises.


Fine sand
Course sand
Sand blend
River rock
Cement premix

The course sand and river rock have been screened out from a naturally occurring anabranch on the Murrumbidgee river. Years of river flows and flooding has created this very clean and expansive anabranch that contains course sand mixed with highly variable river rock quantities.

The fine sand on the other hand is located on the opposite side of the anabranch, from sedimentary deposits which allow Eulonga Quarries to have such a diverse range of sand qualities to suit almost any application.

Our products range from varying types of fine sand through to course sand and river rock which can be viewed in more detail on our products list below or by contacting us for a site visit.